Solanum Tuberosum
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Is the name of fermented native potato, result of an ancient process of potato conservation. Where the Andean native communities place the native potatoes into wholes filled of current water made in the Andean lands and are left there for 6 months or more. During this time Lactic Acid Bacterias (LAB) from the Andean soil ferment the potatoes and secrete compounds like bacteriocins that are present in Tokosh. It has been consumed since pre-Inca times for its healing benefits.

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  • Tokosh raw powder

    • - Boosts the natural defenses of the body
    • - Acts like a natural antibiotic (antibacterial)
    • - Protects gastric mucosa helping in cases of gastritis
    • - Superfood retail products
    • - Nutricional and herb supplements